Friday, March 29, 2013

Garage Mud Room

I have been busy purging all things baby.  I was able to sell just a small portion of the kids clothes and was able to make some money.  I still have quite a bit and just plan to sell overtime in some of the consignment sales.  For now, I just needed to make more room in our garage to store some of the clothes as well as make an area for the kids to hang their coats and take off their shoes. I did a post on this area of our garage before and you can see that post HERE.

I did not take a picture of the before but here is one from my previous post.

While this was fine all the shoes ended up on the ground right by the door and the kids sat right in the doorway to take off their shoes.  It has always been crazy trying to get into the house.  After seeing many mud rooms on Pinterest I though if I could just organize the garage a little more then I could make a mini mudroom.

Here is a previous post that I did for our living room on aged crates.  I decided to use that same idea for storing our shoes so that everyone had their own box to keep things organized.

Here is the area before I started.  I pulled this bench from our kitchen table because we had enough chairs for the table and we were not really using it.

I once again I bought the crates from Joann's using a coupon for each one so I was not paying full price.  

I bought this piece of wood from Home Depot which they cut to size for me that I made a coat rack with.

 Here is the board before I aged it with steel wool and vinegar. 

The color did not change as much as I thought it would but it actually looked fine by the time I was done.

 Here is the end result.

 Here is a picture with the bench.  At first I thought it was too high, but once I hung the coats it was just fine.  I would have loved to have painted the wall, but really did not want to put that much money into this project.

Here is all finished.

 Everyone has their own bin for their shoes and then we have one extra that I thought I would use to put things in that we might need on the go for the car.

 I love the way it turned out. I had this vision in my mind but not sure it was going to look good and in the end it would have been a lot of work to not like it.

I love that the shoes are all organized and that the kids know right where to put their shoes back.

 I got this decking from Ikea that I love to have right by the door because all the dirt drops below and does not come into the house.

I also decided to add some shelving above our freezer on space that was not being used.  I purchase this wall shelf from Ikea.  I think it's suppose to be used outside but I thought it would work great in our garage. In the bins I have some of the kids snacks to be able to keep them closed up and be able to grab on the go for snacks in the car.  It also is holding our reusable shopping bags.

Here is the corner all together. 

This goes to show you that you don't have to have a mud room in your home or spend a lot of money to make one!


  1. A-MAZING, Amy!!!! Way to go! Now I'm curious, because my hubby would want to know. Did you find studs when you attached the bins to the wall, and what did you use to attach them? It looks SO tidy!

  2. Nice! Just wondering - do you park your car in the garage as well?

  3. Yes, we are able to fit one car in our garage. Our garage is not huge and we have a minivan and a sedan so we always have at least one car in the garage at all times. It really did not take up a lot of space.