Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zoo Trip

My parents gave us money for the kids birthday so that we could buy a Zoo pass!! This last Saturday I bought the pass and was looking forward to taking the babies to the Zoo for the first time. On Sunday we went to church and the weather was perfect out so we decided to take the babies that afternoon!

We got to the Zoo and it was pretty crazy there! The parking lot was full but we were able to find a spot right away! PTL!! We actually decided not to use the stroller thinking it would be nice to put them in their carriers and just hold them. We were so glad that we did that. There was not way that we would have enjoyed the trip had we done it any other way.

We were able to see a few animals but it seemed like the zoo had a lot of areas under construction! George and I thought that it would be fun to take the kids on the train and they loved it! It was the perfect time on the train because we were the last ride and the sun was going down. One of the cages that we passed was the Cheetah's. One of the Cheetah's came running towards us. It made us feel like were were on a Safari!

We are defiantly looking forward to going back!

Ohhh......if you are wondering why there are not very many pictures on here from the trip, that would be because we did not check the camera before we left and the battery was dead!! We were bummed but here are a few pictures that George took with his phone.

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