Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Years

As of today George and I have been married for 10 years!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

It is amazing how God brought us together and where we are at today.  I am more in love with George then I was the day that we got married.

He is one of the most amazing men I know.  He is so hardworking and an amazing father that loves each one of his kids with an unending love.  He make me want to be better then I am and I am always encouraged as I watch him spend every morning with the Lord!

So many people plan a nice vacation for their 10 year anniversary.  If we were able to get away for a longer time we probably would have done the same.  Over this last weekend we had 3 days to ourselves and we decided to stay home.  We thought of several places that we could have gone to just for the weekend but in the end we just wanted to be home by ourselves.  We also thought that we could do more things without spending money on a Hotel and gas to get there.

Here is a little bit of what our weekend looked like.

We headed down to Omsi to do the Jetboat Tour.  We thought we would check out a couple exhibits while we were there.

We just had to check out the Prenatal Exhibit!  I am always so fascinated by this exhibit but I think even more so since I have had the kids.  It made George and I contemplate having another one.  They are such a gift and one of the most incredible experiences ever!

Any ways back to the Jetboat tour.  You board right by the submarine at Omsi.  This is a fun thing to do with older kids.  It's fun and you get to learn about some of the city's history.  I would really recommend it.

Here is what we looked like before the boat trip.  George forgot his sunglasses.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour.

Here is afterwards.  I looked like a drowned rat!  Warning: do not spend time on your hair or put strong hairspray in.  My hair was left in knots and very painful to brush out.

After we got off the boat we got back to the car and noticed a screw in George's tire.  We ended up having to take his car to get it fixed.  We were give so many suggestions of where to eat but ended up having to go to something close to Les Schwab instead.

Have you ever been to the Thirsty Lion?  We have seen it but never was really interested in going.  It was walking distance from Les Schwab so we decided to check it out.  They have a great patio for sitting outside.  The food was excellent and I had a yummy pear martini!  If you have not been there you must go and check it out.

Toward the end of the day we decided to get a massage together.  We went to Cosy Foot Massage.  It is a place that focuses on your feet but gives a full body massage for $25.  I know the yelp review is not very good, but every time I have been there I have been impressed. You can beat if for $25 for an hour massage.  

The next day we woke up at our normal time that our body wakes us up at 6AM.  There is no sleeping in at our house with the kids.  We decided to head down to the gym and work off some of the food that we ate.  It felt so good to start the day off that way.

Next, George and I split up and I went and had a pedicure and George sat next door and did some work and had time to himself.  Yes, he did work a little over the weekend. As a realtor it is really hard to turn off the phone to work.  One of the downsides to his job but we have gotten use to it.

I always recommend Galaxy Nails for anyone that is looking for a good place to get a Pedicure.

After the pedicures we did a little birthday shopping for the kids for their birthday party that is coming up next week.

We spent the afternoon at home just relaxing and watching movies.

We also did this.

I know, not something that you should be doing on an Anniversary weekend but this little booger is ruining the yard that we have been working so hard at keep nice since we had it done.

(We still have not caught him) > :(   

For dinner we wanted to go somewhere nice for our Anniversary dinner.  We both got dressed up really nice which does not happen very often, so it was fun!

We have been to Andina once before and loved it, so we decided to go back.  If you have not been there you will not be disappointed.  (Make sure to make reservations though)

Our gift to each other was not a surprise.  We both wanted to get each other a watch.  We bought some watches off my sisters company that she works for and got a great price for a designer watch.  We were going to inscribe something nice on the watch but when we got the watch there was not place to write anything.  Oh well, we love the watches.

Sunday we spent the day mostly at home.  We had a wonderful quite time in the morning which does not happen very often when the kids are home.

We went to a Garden Center to get some plants to finish up our yard before we have people over next weekend for the kids birthday party.

We took a nap and then George had to meet a client to look at a couple houses.  Again, not something we want to be doing but something that is necessary with being a Realtor.  We are thankful for his job and with that we are able to do a lot of the things we did over the weekend.

It was an incredibly relaxing weekend and we had a wonderful time just being together doing things we enjoy.

I love you George Huertas and I look forward to 50 more years together if the Lord allows!!!  Happy Anniversary!!!

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  1. I LOOOOVVVEE your watch!!
    O.k. funny story maybe you should know about. I swear it was that jet boat that caused me to have identical twins! If I go back in my timing to when biologically the splitting occurred it was the day of that darn jet boat ride!! So beware! ha ha.
    I could of also been the Brazilian hair straightening that is now banned. Either way it's funny and I still love that God had a plan for it all :) Happy Anniversary!!