Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Master Bedroom and Bath

Getting back into the swing of things, now that the holidays are over. I'm looking forward to things settling down a bit.  It has been awhile since I posted last.  I have shown you a few parts of our new house so far.  If you have missed those you can see them Here , Here and Here.

This house was built in 1968 so the rooms are not like they are today.  They are a lot smaller then we have had in the past. Surprisingly we actually like it smaller and the need for less in our rooms.  It keeps things pretty simple.  While we have upped our square footage quite a bit the square footage was used really well and it has given us 6 bedrooms.  Way more then we need as our kids share bedrooms but it has been nice to have options.

Here is our Master Bedroom:

I think our bedroom is 12x10.  Because it is on the smaller size we decided to get an ikea bed with drawers underneath the bed so we did not have to have any other furniture in the room.  There is just once closet and so that is the closet that I use and George has a closet in a room downstairs in his office. 

This is one of the rooms that I have painted since we moved in. I love this color!  I discovered that grey is a really hard to pick out.  I actually had to paint in here twice.  The first grey color came out looking like periwinkle.

I love that all the rooms in the house have big windows and let lots of light into the room.

I decided to still use the wall collage from our other house. The door to the right is our bathroom door.  You can see there is not much space between the entry of the bedroom to the bathroom entry.

We decided to forgo the traditional night stand and keep things simple. There is not place for a lot of junk to hide. I love these rolling racks from Ikea.  They are great to be able to roll around and clean under.

Since we don't have a traditional nightstand, I bought these lamps that just clamp onto our bed and keep it super simple. They are great for reading in bed.

This is our tiny little bathroom that is perfect for us.  This is really the bathroom that I use and George uses the one downstairs since all of his clothes are down there.

The shower is not very big either but all that we need.

I decided to not put blinds on the windows because I liked to have the natural light coming in the window for putting makeup on.  I just bought this valance and put it lower on the window so no one could see in.  This bathroom is on the upper level so it is very private.

We love the simpleness of this room and one of my favorite parts is the hardwoods.  I did not think I would like it in a bedroom, but I actually love it!

Thanks for stopping by and checking my post.  I'm not sure what room I will post next but hope to post one soon!

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  1. I love your nightstand and lamps. For some reason I always want to redo my bedroom this time of year!