Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Girls Room - Part 1

I have been on project overload here and am getting burned out.  I usually do this to myself.  I am a bit ADD and get several projects going at the same time wanting to get them all done at one time.  It also is difficult to get projects done with little ones so there are some projects that I can do while they are sleeping and some that I can't which causes me to do different projects at the same time.

If you have been following my blog you can see that we got the backyard finished HERE.  That was a couple projects in one.  Then we split up the twins which meant changing two rooms at the same time.  It has taken me awhile to put the rooms together.  I was able to get Gabriel's room done first and you can see those posts HERE and HERE.

I almost have the girls room done but there are still a few more things to do but decided to show you what I've done so far.

Here is how the room originally looked:

Then I changed it too this......

 I did not really like it but, I still had the crib in the room for a couple weeks so this is the way that I had it.  It felt a little crowed but there was lot of room at the end of the beds that I liked.  I think the combination of the bed,windows and picture frames and curtains it was a little too much.

I sought some advise from my sister, mom and my friend K'lyn who's blog I follow and love her decorating.

K'lyn thought I should add a larger lamp on the night stand.  I found a lamp that I really liked at Home Goods for a great price.

Sorry the lighting is not the best.  I really liked this lamp but did not think it was the best with my kiddos because I new it would be broken on the floor if I put it in there and they would get hurt!  So I had to stick with a small lamp.

All three suggested that I paint the beds.  I do plan to do that at some point, just not sure when.

I finally took the crib down and decide to move the beds to this....

Aww, much better.  It was able to give me a chance to get a better picture too because of the position of the beds.  I was able to get the beds on Craigslist for $50 for both!  A funny story about these bed when I went to go email the owner about the beds I ended up finding out that they were my cousins wife's mothers bed!  What a small world!

The picture frames are empty but I plan to do the Instagram photos like I did HERE.

I love this pillow.  I got it from One Kings Lane.  Some of the things on there are pretty expensive but sometimes you can get really good deals.  You should check it out and sign up.

I had the hardest time finding bedding that I liked with out spending a fortune.  I got this bedding from Target when it was on sale!  I love how girly it is.  It's the only part of the hows that I can do really girly things.

This basket was a Home Goods find and Selah keeps all of her special toys in here along with her favorite blankets.

I decided to leave the pom poms up as well.

At some point I plan to do a wall gallery on this wall.  I will do a post once it is done.

Here are some ideas that I have.

Stay tuned!

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  1. The bedroom is adorable! Good call on moving the beds!!

  2. So cute!! I love how your letting the room evolve!

  3. Yes, the beds are much better there. I love the shade on your new lamp!