Thursday, August 1, 2013


No post on house decorating or the kids today just some of my favorite things right now.

Here are a couple apps that my kids are loving.

Doc Mcstuffins - A friend told me about this show and I found an app that goes with it.  The kids love it.  I have also downloaded a couple episode on to the Ipad to watch in the car.

My dad got the kids glued on this game and have to say it can be pretty addicting.  Selah is especially good at this game.  She was giving me advise at one point and it worked!!

My friend Linda started a beauty channel on you tube that I have really enjoyed.  This is not an area that I am an expert in so I love checking out a couple of the channels online to get ideas on makeup application and products.  You can check her out HERE

I'm loving my back yard right now!  We had the rest of the sod put in a couple weeks ago and it is continuing to grow.  George will be mowing it for the first time this weekend and the kids will be able to play on it.  They are so excited!

I have really been into coffee lately.  For the last couple months I have had at least one cup a day.  This is one of my favorite Keurig coffee's.  I buy it at Costco an it is so good!

Last up for my favorites.....If you like westerns and have seen Hatfields and McCoys

 Then you will love Hell on Wheels.  One of my favorite shows right now!

The first two seasons are on Netflix and the 3rd season starts August 12th!


  1. I want to get into watching a series again. Thanks for the favorites!

    1. Let me know if you get this comment. I think I finally figured out how to reply! You have to watch this series. George and I just finished it and it was so good!