Friday, August 2, 2013

Girls Room - Part 2 ( Night Stand )

If you have not seen the girls update room you can see it HERE.

I got the dresser from Ikea and this is what it looked like before I changed it.

Kind of ugly but it's real wood except the back of it, so it pretty sturdy for the price.  It was really easy and was able to put it together myself.

And here is what it looks like now.

I used a walnut stain on the side and top and white paint for the drawers.  I bought the pulls from Lee Valley.

They are brass gold color which I like but I have a lot of silver in the room so I might paint them at some point.  I'm not sure?

The lamp and lamp shade I was able to get on sale at Cost Plus.

The dresser is small and not very heavy so when you pull the drawers out it could cause the dresser to fall down, so they have this strap that you connect to the wall for extra support.

The other things that I had to do it attached the lamp to the surface of the night stand.  My kids are into everything and the lamp is glass so I wanted to make sure no one would get hurt.

I took some 3m Velcro strips and attached it to the bottom of the lamp.  

Once it was all set in place you could not tell that I did it.

Selah loves the Cars movie and especially the cars.  I took one of the cars that she had and spray painted it pink so she could have it on her night stand.

It's not perfect but the best I could do.  She loves it and that's all that counts!


  1. Wow! I never would of guessed that was originally an IKEA dresser! It looks custom and expensive! Nice job!