Saturday, September 27, 2014

Homeschool Room/Family Room

There is not a day that I don't wake up being truly thankful for this home.  God knew exactly what we needed and wanted in a home and this house it is!

I have been putting it off showing more picture of the inside of the home because of judgment from people but have decided that I am ready to start posting pics of the inside.  Decorating and making our house a home is something that I really enjoy and am passionate about!

God spoke to George and I before we had the twins and Eva about homeschooling.  I knew that one day I would love to have a room that we could homeschool in.  There were a couple times that I tried to talk myself out of homeschooling but I stuck to what I knew God was calling us to do.  We are taking home school on a year by year basis and will see how God directs us over time.

Here are pics of the kids on the first day of school:

No, Eva is not in Kindergarten but might as well be.  She is pretty darn smart.  She plays for the most part while I am teaching the twins but she listens while we are talking and always answers from afar.  Sometimes before the twins even have a chance to answer!

Here is the before picture of the homeschool and family room.  This post is photo heavy just to let you know.....

Here is what the family room side looks like:

The rug is just and outdoor rug from Target and holds up really well with the kids!

We decided to go with more Ikea slip cover couches because they are comfortable and easy to clean!

The investor decided to do a kind of green taupe color on all the walls.  At some point I would like to repaint some of the walls, but like it the way it is right now.

Here are pics of the homeschool side:

Here are the kids school desks.  I bought these a year ago from Cost Plus when they were discontinuing them and was able to get this for a great price.

Every morning we do the Pledge of Allegiance.

I love these ikea lockers that hold all of our school curriculum as well as supplies.  You can lock them up and keeps little fingers out! :)

My Desk

We did this activity at the kids birthday party and they each made their own.

So, this is where we do life during the week.  I have enjoyed homeschooling so much and so glad that I stuck it through.  It really has brought a balance to our schedule and the kids have enjoyed the change!


  1. Love how much space you have! The room looks so neat and clean and organized. I'm jealous!

  2. u Just gave me some ideas for when i have my own place .Thanks .You are so organised and everything i so cute and pretty .Excellent jpb