Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Pictures

I am really excited about our new family pictures!! When I was pregnant with the twins, I really wanted to have the whole pregnancy as well as the first year photographed. Things were so crazy during the pregnancy and after they were born that it never happened. We also did not have the money to get it professionally done. I thought some day I would get them done.

A few months ago I bumped into an old high school friend at Solid Rock! We became friends on facebook and one day I got an update on his page of new pictures that he had posted. The were professionally done and I thought.... wow, those are really good. I ended up looking up the photographer that he used just to see what the prices were like. The Photographer had just started her business and is trying to build her clientele and her prices were a quarter of what she normally charges! I was so excited, so I called her to get the details and then set the appointment.

The photographers name is Kati Radizwon and her company's name is Bean and Sprout Photography! Here is a link to her website: .

The package that we purchased from her allows us three photo shoots over a periods of 18 months. I was excited about that because that way the next time that Michael is here we will be able to get a photo with him as well.

Here are a couple teaser photos that she has given us and the rest we will get in a month.

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