Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two’s Day

It has been another week of sickness here at home!  I have to say being sick and taking care of sick kids is not fun!  I think that we are finally coming to the end of sickness and ready for the spring to come and get outside more.

Here are some fun pictures of the twins in the last week:

newpjs   Kids and their new PJ’s


Selah giving Loves to her brother!


I love her hair






The first time that they could really understand and want to play in the is what we woke up to this morning!  The kids were so excited. 



Gabriel was not a big fan of the snow and did not want to play.


Selah was so excited and could not wait to explore! Se was fine until she fell and got the snow on her hands and then she was done!


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  1. Amy, they are beautiful!!! The pic of Gabriel with blue jammies on and a yellow truck in his hands - he looks JUST like you!!! :) So super cute. I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet family from afar. Blessings to you sweet mama!! :)