Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life Journals

So……I was going through a magazine awhile ago and I can not remember what one is was, but I came across this Idea that I thought was neat.

It is a life journal for your kids.  The idea was to write something to your kids once a year in a journal on their birthday.  When they turn 21 you give them their journal to see over the years what you have written to them.  I love the idea and glad that I am starting it now.  I missed the first two years with the twins but started just in time for Eva’s.

I have also decided to write in their when they do something that was funny and stands out to George and I.  I still plan on writing once a year, but I love being able to capture things when you can not get them on video.

Here is a picture of the journals that I bought.  They were the cheapest that I could find that would work.  I just printed a label on the computer with their name and put it on the front of their journal!  I do not have the best handwriting and with cursive not being used as much anymore, I hope that they will be able to read it when they are 21.







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