Friday, June 10, 2011

12 Months Of Eva ~ 9 Months

I a few days behind since Eva turned 9 months. Sorry for the late post!

I just took Eva to her 9 months appointment and the doctor was really happy with her growth and over all appearance.  She is not quite 21lbs and is average for her weight.  She is 29 3/4 inches long and is in the 95th percentile for her height!  I am wondering how tall she is going to be?  Her head was average on the growth scale. 

We are now three months away from her being a year old and she has advanced so much just in the last month.  She is watching Gabriel and Selah all the time wanting to do what Big Brother and Big Sister are doing! I think by the end of this month she will be walking.  She is just now getting her third tooth in and can’t wait to see what her smile will look like once she has more teeth in.

I will be starting the weaning process soon and will be sad to see that time go!  One of my favorite times with her during the day is nursing her at the end of the day.  It is our own special time together where is it so quite and relaxing! I spend that time praying for her and the kids and praying for their future and wondering what God has in store for them!

Here are her 9 month photos! Enjoy!











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