Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Living Room Update / Random

We are still loving our updated living room! Yes, the white couches are getting dirty but not bad.  No, we would not change anything, but maybe the choice in the rug.  We love the look of the rug, but it is spot clean only which is going to make it very difficult to clean.  The white part is chenille and so it does not come back as white as it came :(.  I should have done a little more research on this, so lesson learned.  For now we will enjoy it and turn it over when it gets really bad!  We broke in the couches with a couple of new stains, but they are not noticeable! Surprisingly I did not get upset!

I added a couple new lamps that I thought matched more and sold the others on Craig's List to pay for the new ones.  

 I added a few fall decorations, not much this year!  The kids are loving the candy corn.  I don't think they have ever had it until this year. The coffee beans smell great too!

 This is our grateful book that we log down all that we are thankful over the year.  I have to admit that we have not done a very good job of writing all that God has done for us this year!

Our owl got a knew look with some rustic colored pencils!

Our little wood pumpkin and orange owl are from the target dollar section!  I also got these vases from Ikea that I used for flower as well as the photo below that holds all our utensils. They came at a set for $12.99. 

I painted a command hook and added it to the fridge to hold my very first apron! I love this pattern that I found at Cost Plus!

 We are in love with these new cookies at Trader Joes!  These are pretty yummy, so yummy you should probably only eat two for the day!  They are Chocolate Hazelnut with Nutella frosting inside!

Looking for a way to store your K-cups?  This is how I have been storing my.  It's great if you have a lot of variety and can see through the pockets.

Loving my Orange Gerber Daisy's from Trader Joes as well!  When it gets low on water the flowers start to droop.  I add a little water and in about 10 minutes they perk back up.  The kids love watching the process.

I've been trying to add a little more color into our kitchen and a couple weeks ago I needed to buy some new soap.  I found this a Target and like it!

The twins wanted me to take a picture of them.  I thought this was a cute one of them!

So there you have it, an update on the living room and a whole lot of random!

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  1. I love your new white lamp and hte wood pencils! I bought the cookies from Trader Joes for a friend (without trying them. I am glad to know they are good!