Thursday, October 15, 2015

Front Yard

It's been awhile....  I have only blogged twice this year.  As I look back at my blog I have really enjoyed looking at the older post realizing that I am missing things that are happening in our life that I want to be able to remember.  This is not necessarily one of those post as I need to post more about the kids and what we have been up to.  I hope to do more on the kids soon.

So, here is our house when we first moved in.  We are so thankful that the house on the inside was all remodeled. The outside was not worked on at all so it was a clean slate to work with.

The lawn actually does not look bad from this picture but if you were to look at it from up above there is lots of holes with no lawn.  I tried to keep it watered during the summer last year which was awful so we decided that we need to add irrigation to the yard since it is so big.

I had a whole design of what I wanted to do but when it came down to getting it all done it was just too expensive to do all at the same time.  We decided to do it in stages.

I forgot to get pictures of it right before but here is it in progress.

The irrigation is in and they are ready for the sod.

We had the landscaping company do just the irrigation and the sod.  We plan on putting a walking way right here to the sidewalk that will lead to the front door.  We also plan on putting plants and bushes and trees at some point but this is all that we could afford to do at this time.

Here it is will all the bark laid.

We also added the river rock and some gravel to the RV pad to finish it off for now.

We want to put a Laurel hedge here on the corner at some point but for now we just took old boulders from the yard around this area that was a bunch of weeds.

The lighting in the front of the house was really dark, so we added some new lights by the garage. 

The next project for the house is to get a new garage door at some point. The door is pretty old and does not go all the way to the ground. I'm also not a huge fan of the painted squares on the door either.

Here's the before.

Here's the after.  Not the greatest picture but you get the idea.

It was an expensive project but worth the money. 

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