Friday, September 18, 2009

First Entry

Yesterday I went to my least favorite store just to get a few grocery items and ran into my good friend Tiffany. We got to talking about blogs and how I feel like I have missed the last year of what has happened in my life. She told me that she uses blogs not only to organize herself but to also log the most important things that have happened in her life and about her family.

On my way home I was thinking about it and really thought that is something that I need to do so that I will never forget the tiny details of my day. I use to journal all the time and now I hope that this will take the place of that as well and share with my family and friends all that is going on at the Huertas Household!

I hope that you enjoy a small picture of what is happening in the day to day details of my life and the lives of my family!!



  1. Glad I could be that "extra nudge" that you needed. Your blog looks so cute, I love the colors and birdies. I also enjoyed reading your first two entries:) I pray God will use this place to minister to others and even to you as you write. Love ya!

  2. Oh, and by the way -- I haven't been to your least favorite store in months and months, and, when I do have to go, that is not the one I go to. Funny how God can use even our "least favorite" of stores to give a nudge or, as in my case, add a friendly face to a long day!

  3. Thanks Tiff! I am still figuring this blog stuff as you can see that I am not commenting on your comment!