Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Various Christmas Photos

I have decided that I am not going to put as many photos on facebook anymore and put more of them on my blog. Here are some various photos over the Christmas season with family. I did not have a lot of time on this post so they are not in any order.

Top of Christmas tree

Grandma and Selah

Gabriel in his Christmas outfit.

George, Michael and I

The Boys

Selah opening a gift

Grandma helping

Grandma and Selah

Thought this was a cute photo of them playing with the lights

Michael and his new sweatshirt

Michael is getting so big. He will be 15 and the end of the month.

Father and Son with new PJ's

Gabriel with Grandma Elba's gift

Selah with Grandma Elba's gift

I thought it would be fun to decorate my own house. It did not turn out quite like I expected but it was fun.

George's gift from Michael (Chocolate and White Castle Burgers) if you have not been to NY and you go there you have to try the White Castle burger, or you can just go to Target and buy a box!! (note:They are not healthy what so ever, but very tasty)

George and Michael

Gabriel opening his gift

New Clothes!

Gabriel and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma with kids

My grandparent from my moms side

George's Favorite Book

George and Gabriel

Mom & Dad

Family Photo

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