Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have been wanting to coupon for sometime now, but could never figure it out and did not realize how many people do it and where I could get help on it. It is a very confusing thing at first but once you get the hang of it, it is amazing the rewards from doing it. Last week I was talking to a friend of mine that just started it and she said that once she knows more about it she will let me know. I then spoke with my brothers friend and we had a conference call with her so that she could go over a few basic things.

Here are some tools that will help you get started if this is something that you want to do! Anyone can do this it just take a little time and patience at first.

Here are the things that got me started:

1. You need to go out and buy five Sunday papers. ( this will give you extra copies of all the coupons so that you can buy multiple products and get the discount)

2. Separate them by groups on a table so they are easy to see. ( I have not fully organized my coupons or how I am going to do that just yet, but I will let you know what way I decide to organize my coupons.)

3. Here are multiple Blog sites that I visit that give me ideas of where the coupons will work and how much you will be spending per item. (those of you who live outside of Oregon, you may want to check if there is a blog site for you that is for your home state)

Check these sites out, some I like better then others. It give you a lot of ideas.

Here are a few things that I bought this week and here is what I paid for them:

These were purchased from Rite Aid
GE Light bulbs advertised 2/$4
You will get a single check rebate for $2 back.
Use 2/$1.50 manufacture coupons from on the Target website
and $1/2 that is found on the hip2save website
**Final cost is Free and $1 moneymaker

Buy any Nivea lip treatment and get one free
Use the B1G1 coupon in the 1/3 RedPlum
Final cost: Free (if you have 5 papers then you can get 10 total)

Here are the things that I bought this week. This does not include all that I bought at Target. I brought approximately $170.00 worth of stuff and paid $32.00. Mind you the Miralax came to about $25.00 when I normally pay $30.00 at Costco as I use it a lot for the babies. (So basically I got the rest for free or close too)

Well, there is a couple of the things that I have found. I hope this helps and if you have more questions, I would love to talk with you on the phone. ( I am still pretty new at this so keep that in mind)

Oh......I just went to Target today and bought $56.00 worth of stuff for $6.76. I felt like I had just robbed the place!

Now, when you go out and buy you will end up with a lot of free stuff in the end. Some of these things you will never use but it was free so....... I plan to donate all that I don't use or need and will be able to get a tax write off on all that I donate. (Just a thought)

Happy Couponing!!!


  1. Awesome Amy! You rocked it! Keep it up! If you catch some awesome deals send me an email!

  2. Wow - you go girl! Several of my friends are really into it too - You amaze me. (Thanks for the link too!) ;)

  3. I used to do quite well at couponing, loved especially getting stuff for free. Then we changed our diet and the way I cook so drastically that the time it took did not pay off as most of the items were things we did not use anymore. I still have my coupon storage box though, and it worked great. I would be happy to show you how I organized mine if you'd like:)Good job mom. Way to streeeeetttch the budget!!!

  4. Thank you all for your comments! Tiffany thatnks for the offering of your storage box, but I already got a binder for all my coupons and they are all organized.