Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Wonderful Husband!

I do not nearly enough, praise and thank my husband for all that he does.  He does not only work hard to provide all that we need, he is also the best father that I know (besides my own father, of course)! 

George Luis Huertas~

He was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised by his Mother and Stepfather. His Mother and Father are both Puerto Rican and his Stepfather is Italian.  He was raised in the rough parts of New York! 

George Old days

When George was 13 years old his Mom decided that NY was not a safe place to raise her kids because all the drugs and crime and wanted more for her kids.  She moved them to Sacramento, CA.   When he was 18, his mom decided to move back to NY.  George decide to stay in Sacramento and make a way for himself. 

George got married when he was 19 and had a baby as well.  His name is Michele (which is Michael in Italian).  He named his first son after his Stepfather that raised him. He is almost 16 now!

Good one ofMichael

George worked for several restaurants in his early life and later became a General Manager for Chevys.  He is a wonderful cooked and I am blessed that he likes to cook so much, as this is an area that I am not so good at!

When I met George he was still working at Chevy’s but wanting to change his life all together.  He accepted Christ and decide that God had bigger plans for his life.  He decided to look into Real Estate and he did.  He got all the study books that he needed to take the test to get his Real Estate license in California.  He took the test and passed with flying colors!!  He was so excited to get into Real Estate.

We then decided that we wanted to be near family…so after all that hard work he was going to have to do it all over again in Oregon.  He ended up getting a great job for Noah’s Bagel and was a manager for them for a couple years.  He then started working on his tests for the Oregon License so that he could finally get to where he thought God was calling him.  Pic3

He has now been in Real Estate for 6 years and loves what he does.  He has such a passion for the industry as well as the people that he helps.  When the economy changed and we were about to have the twins, George was offered a Management position in one of the Prudential offices.  He still is able to sell on the side, so that helps him still be able to do what he enjoys most.


George manages between 40-50 agents out of three different offices which keeps him very busy.  He always lets me know what  is going on and how he tries to encourage and show Gods love to his agents.  He is such a leader and it is one of the things that I love most about him.

My husband also loves Martial Arts….namely Brazilian Jujitsu!  He is currently a purple belt and has one belt to get to before he gets his black belt. This is another area that he has not been able to focus on with things being busy with work and new baby. He plans on at some point to get to his next belt so he can finally get to his goal of attaining his black belt.


One passion that I have not talked about that is the most important, is his passion for the Lord.  He has been a Christian for about 8 years and I am amazed at how far he has come.  He has devoured the Bible many times and continues to thirst for more knowledge.  Everything that I have just talked about would not have been possible without God in his life!

I am one blessed woman!

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