Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evangeline “Eva” Grace Huertas

It was September 1, 2010, and I had just had a visit with my Doctor.  The doctor checked to see where things were at and said that I should most likely make it to my C-section date of 9/08/2010.  I had one week to go!

A couple days later I decided to go to Costco with the twins.  In the back of my mind I was thinking that it was not the best idea but went anyways.  In the evening it was a normal busy evening with the twins.  I fell asleep early on the couch and then got up and went to bed for the night.  I fell asleep for maybe and hour and started to feel stronger contractions and could not sleep.  I knew something was wrong but was not sure what was going on.  I called the advise nurse and she said that she thought it was best that I go in.

I let George know what was going on and he called my dad to come over and watch the kids.  It was going to take too long for my dad to get to our house before we could go to the hospital together, so I just told George to stay with the kids and I would drive myself to the hospital. 

It is a good thing that I left when I did because by the time that I got to the hospital the contractions got closer together. The doctor check to see where I was at and said that I was 3CM dilated and 90% effaced and my water broke. From the time of check in to delivery was 2 hours and 23 minutes.

There was no time to get final photos before she came and this was the last photo that I had done at 34 weeks.


While the recovery is a lot longer with C-section, there is something to be said about being strolled into and operating room and a half hour after laying there your baby is here!!

Evangeline is a derivative of Evangelist and it means to bring good news!!   Her full name is Evangeline Grace Huertas, but we will call her Eva for short.

She was born September 3, 2010 at 3:23.  She was 6lbs 6oz and 21inches long.

This pregnancy was so different from the twins and it was so nice to have a baby born at full term and to be able to hold her right away and take her home three days later.












Children are a gift from the Lord!

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