Friday, December 10, 2010

$53.00 Worth Of Groceries For $10.00 Delivered

I have not been able to coupon like I use to since I was pregnant and had Eva because it takes a lot of time.  When I have the chance and I can do it from home I get pretty excited!

I follow a blog Hip 2 Save and I got this idea.  I ordered $53.00 worth of Groceries from Safeway and only paid $10.00 and it was delivered.  Not the greatest food but to get all of it for $10 is a pretty good deal.


2 Frozen Meat Loafs, 6 Yakisoba noodle bowls, 2 boxes of sugar cookie mix, 2 boxes of Blueberry Oatmeal, 4 bottles of Mentos Gum, 2 Lemonade bottles and a 24 pack of water!

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  1. What an awesome family photo!! God is so good!!!!