Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two’s Day

So it’s now Thursday and I am just getting to Tuesdays post.  I really want to try to keep up on this daily but having a hard time.

This past couple weeks have been hard.  The twins had Croup and were very crabby.  They are just now starting to feel better which is great! The upside to them being sick this last week is that we just now are feeling like they are starting to get their routine at bedtime. (After 4 months of working on this) 

It use to take George over and hour to get them to bed and since they were sick, it’s more like 15-20 minutes!



If your wondering why the letters are so high, it because they try and pull them down. If your also wondering what the blue tape that is running up the wall, that is our baby monitor.  It’s the only way that we could figure out how to hear what was going on in the room with out them touching it!


Schedule is everything, most twin moms will say and it’s the truth! Gabriel and Selah have been on the same schedule since they were in the NICU. I have to say, that is one thing that I was thankful for the NICU and being a first time mom.  They set the schedule and I have continued to follow it.  Gabriel and Selah are just now really starting to get their schedule and know what’s coming next!


I had to throw one picture of them in here.  Here they are for their morning breakfast!

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