Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New ~ Must Have ~ Changeable Wall Art

A few changes at home in the last week.

The NEW item is everyday dishes for my kitchen.  I have had the same dishes for the last 14 years and they were still hanging on, but when I realized that my dishes were almost as old as my stepson it was time for them to go.


It’s amazing how style changes over time.  I think at the time that I bought these Ivy was really in style.

Here are the new dishes that I bought.  I originally thought that I would go with more of a combination of colors but then decided that I am not sure how long I will like those colors and decided to go with something more neutral and timeless.


They are so simple but I love them!

The MUST HAVE Item  this week is this door lock for the twins room.  Before we always had to make sure that we put one of the safety gates up so they could not get into the closet.  I found these online because they did not have anything at Babies R Us for these kind of closet doors!


Kind of hard to see, but it prevents the doors from being opened!!  Where have you been all this time?  I have to say I am a bit excited about this little contraption.  I feel like I am always trying to figure out ways to out smart the twins.

Changeable Wall Art ~  I have this frame in my kitchen and I love the fact that I can find free printable art that I can print at Costco for $1.39 and I can have something that changes with the season or something simple like what I have in there now.


Here are a couple of printables that I am thinking about putting up for Valentines day.

keep calm-valentine

You can download your own from HERE

Or this one:

February Subway Art--Black-Red

You can download this one from HERE

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