Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two’s Day

I was just going back through my blog to see when the last time that I had posted something about the twins! It has been a while, so I am going to try to get back on track and post something every Tuesday about them.

Gabriel and Selah are doing well and getting so big!  We finally got the bedtime routine down but there are time that they still do not listen and are up for a couple hours after bed time.  Then there are the days like today where they will just not take a nap!! Uggh…so I gave up for the day and just let them play in their room so that I can have a moment to myself before Eva wakes up.

It the last couple months it has been so fun to see their communication grow!  They have so much to say all the time! It also has been fun to watch them communicate with each other as well as playing together.

Here is a audio -video of Gabriel and I singing you are my sunshine!

I love the way he sings that song and just had to get it recorded!  For some reason the sound does not come out very well.

Here is another video of the kids running up and down the hall way in our house.  This is one way we get them to burn their energy!  FYI…The video is long!

This is the hallway in our house that the kids love to run up and down! For some reason it still is coming out side ways. I still need to figure this out.


Easter Sunday



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