Friday, September 2, 2011

Expedits, Rug & Tubtrugs

I love the Ikea Expedit bookshelf.  You can use it for almost anything thing!  We originally had one in our small playroom and use to house all of the kids toys, but now that we have three kids we have had to expand.  Here is a look at the room before with just one Expedit.
You can see it in the far corner of the room by the window.  Here is also another look of the playroom before I changed everything.  We sold the TV and the TV stand as well as the rug and a bookshelf that we had in this room as well.  All of which helped pay for the changes!
Here is a look now of our wall of expedits:
As you can see I went with a totally different colors!  I was getting tired of the red and felt like it needed to look more like kids play here.
Here is a picture of the new rug that we got that spent a little extra money on, but was well worth the money.  I felt it really tied all the colors together.  I must give props to my sister for helping me find this rug.  Thanks Little Missy!
The rug is from PB Teen.   I have to say that when I first got it I did not like it, only for the fact that it shed for a couple of weeks, but now it is fine.
In the very first picture above you can see the storage bins that we had.  They had a canvas material and were made of cardboard. I like them, but just not the best for kids.  They were destroyed by the very end wish, I would have taken a picture.
So when I was thinking about what type of storage bins that I should get, I thought that they needed to be indestructible.  I loved the ikea wood bins.  I was not excited about the color and I also did not think that they would not last long and at $15 bucks a pop, that was just not going to work.
Then I came across these:
They are called Tubtrugs and they are actually suppose to be used for the garden.  They are supposedly indestructible and they come in all different colors. I thought that these would be perfect and would last a long time.  They are not as big as our other bins but they work great and look nice too.  (Excuse the messy tape over the label. I was in a hurry!)
Here is a look at our whole Expedit system.
Eventually we plan on putting a TV in the middle so the kids can watch TV here.   I decided to go with brown and white because we had other brown furniture in the room, but did not want to have it be so dark with all brown furniture.
I will post later on our desk area that we also changed that ties in with the playroom as well.

We have updated this room.... Check out the changes HERE.


  1. What an adorable space. I love the use of the pink and blue and the rug is adorable!!!