Wednesday, August 29, 2012

9 Years Ago

This day 9 years ago, my world changed forever!  It changed in ways that I could have never imagined.  

This day 9 years ago I married my best friend!

With both George and I coming from previous marriage that were not happy or heathy, the odds were definitely stacked against us to not last.  I would say though, that with both of our experiences we both knew how hard it would be and how much work it would take. We have had God in the center of our marriage, and I believe it's key to what has made us last!

When I was going through my divorce I remember a friend telling me that God would bless me for my faithfulness!  All these years later, I have seen blessing after blessing poured out on my life.  Michael and these little ones are one of the greatest blessings by far! ( I don't have a recent photo of Michael)

God could not have picked a more perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life with.

Thank you God for giving me exactly the person that I needed! Thank you for showing me that you had someone out there that was just right for me!

George, I thank you for the man that you are and are becoming!  God continually sparks my faith in Him, by watching you and your relationship with Him!  You are and amazing leader and father to our children and I will always love you for that!

To many more years to ahead!  I love you!

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