Thursday, August 30, 2012

Year Of The Appliance

Based off of the gifts that you are suggested to give on your Anniversary these would have been the gifts to get last year.

George and I have been horrible about getting gifts for each other.  The first 4 years of our marriage we were busy paying off our debt.  We just decided that we would not buy gifts for each other until we got our debt paid off.  A little extreme and not for everyone but that's what we did and it worked for us.  It has only been in the last couple years that we started making it more of a priority of buying special gifts.  I would say we are making up for lost time!

I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer.  This would have been a great wedding gift registry item, but they are so expensive and we had such a small wedding that there was no way that we would have ever gotten one of these.  Thanks to Costco, one of my favorite stores they decided to no longer sell these and they were getting rid of them.  They marked down the price and there was a $50 rebate as well, making this gift a must buy.

As far as the Vitamix goes...... it's the thing to have right now!  A few of my friends have them and swear by them.  Our other cheap blender was dying so we knew we were going to have to buy something.  Costco sells the Ninja which we thought about getting, but I liked the idea of being able to make soup in the blender too.  Thanks again to the Costco rewards check and extra money that I got back from a Visa rewards we did not have to pay very much out of pocket on this baby.

So, for the two items together we probably paid less then what it would have cost for just one!!

We have had these a couple weeks now and so far I have been using the Vitamix at least once a day if not more!

Thanks honey for the wonderful gifts! Just so you know he is enjoying them just as much as I am.  :) 

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