Friday, August 24, 2012

Painting Complete

We now have all the painting done in the front of the house.  I still have the fence in the back to stain, but glad to have gotten the front finished.

We had our trim painting by Evergreen Painting & Construction.  The rest of the house was is good shape so we left it for now.  We decided to go with a totally different color for trim and love the way it came out.

Here is the before pictures.

The trim was so faded, I'm not even sure what the original color was, but kind of looked like a purple color.  For some reason when they painted the house they never painted the weather stripping on the garage door so it stuck out and looked kind of weird.

Here is the after pic:

Today, I spray painted the lights as it was much needed!

 I also changed our address numbers in black and they are a little bit bigger so people can seem them more clearly!

Thank you Owen Tanner for doing such a fabulous job!  If your looking for someone to paint your house and want his info please let me know!

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