Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Photo Shoot (2 Years Old)

Another year has passed and I think this one was a little harder to accept that Eva is getting older!  It's so hard to see my baby grow knowing that she is not really a baby anymore.

It has been an incredible year watching her grow and learn so much more quickly then the twins did.  She is watching and listening to everything that they are doing and wanting to be just like them.

She has such a personality and is so funny! She is one that knows exactly what she wants and lets us know.  We call her the Boriqua (Puerto Rican) of the family!  She definitely has the latin attitude!

She loves horses and cowgirl hats. She is such a good eater and will try almost anything.

She loves to sing!  Her favorite song is "I'll Fly Away"! This is a song that we sung to the twins and Eva while I was pregnant with them.

I'm looking forward to this next year and how God will continue to open this beautiful flower and all her layers!

Here is a picture of what she looked like last year at her birthday.

Here she is today on her Birthday!

 Here she is coming down to see her chair decorated.

Here she is opening her present.  Gabriel and Selah were just as excited!

She loved her Sesame Street Town.

 Her birthday outfit

 She loves to dance and she loves her ballerina skirt!

 Birthday kiss from Daddy.

All playing together!

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