Thursday, September 20, 2012


Since Eva and the Twins birthdays are so close together, for the last couple of years I have just been doing one birthday party. I'm not sure what I am going to do when they get older but for now it works.

I do however on their actual birthday celebrate their birthday in some special way.

I did a post for Eva's birthday and had some pictures here.

Here are the rest of the pictures for that day. We took the kids to the park and walk around and found this spot with a picnic table.  The day was so nice and warm.  I was going to buy some nice cupcakes, but then decided to use my Kitchen Aid for the first time.  I used a Martha Stewart vanilla cupcake recipe with butter cream frosting.  I would say it turned out pretty good for my first time.  I'm not sure that I would have made them without the mixer.

 The kids loved them too!

After they ate, they got their run on!!

For you mommies out there, sometimes it seems so hard to get a picture with your kids.  I always tend  to be the one taking the picture.  I wanted to make sure that I got in on a couple pictures.

 I love taking pictures with George and the girls!  One day, I know that they will cherish these photos!

I still can't believe that my little girl is two!  I am truly enjoying watching her change and grow though!

Now, moving onto the twins birthday.  (Sorry this is a long post)

Here the twins are just one year ago.

 And here they are on their birthday!

 This is Gabriel coming down to see the balloons over his chair.

 Selah was so excited!

 We had to take our new measurements for the year.

 Selah is still a little bit taller then Gabriel!

 We took them to Krispy Cream for the first time.  They have had their donuts before but have never been inside.  It reminded me of when I was little going into a Dunkin Donuts on my birthday and watching them make the donuts!  One of my favorite memories of my childhood!

 Selah gets so shy when the attention is on her! It's kind of cute.

 We got the kids one gift to open on their actual birthdays! 

It has been a good year with the twins!  They have learned so much this year and lots of training including getting them potty trained which was probably the highlight for the year for me!  We have really enjoyed this last year filled with frustration and laughter!  It has been a trying year, but a good year in so many ways.  I'm still in awe that these two kids grew inside me at the same time.  I'm not sure I will ever get past the awe in that.  God has truly blessed us.

Here is a picture of the kids birthday cake on their family party that we had.  I forgot to load the SD card in the camera so there were not a lot of pictures from that day.  It was a pretty low key party.

The cake was delish! We bought it from Bales Thriftway.

 My little girl loves horses and cowgirl stuff and received this cowgirl hat for her birthday.

 I had to get her these cowgirl PJ's from Gap.  They were having such a good deal, I just had to get them.

 The twins with their new PJ's as well!

I found these bracelets from Justice for the girls.  It's a little big for them now, but thought it was cute.  I hope they are close as they grow older.

Ok, that's it!  Tried to squeeze everything in one post.

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