Monday, October 22, 2012

Give TODAY Your Attention

George sent me this email today with the words below.  I thought it was a good way of describing life and the journey that we are on.

"I love what former First Lady Barbara Bush said about the future, comparing it to a train ride:

    We get on board that train at birth, and we want to cross the continent because we have in mind that somewhere out there is a station.
    We pass by sleepy little towns looking out the window of life's train, grain fields and silos, level grade crossings, buses full of people
    on the roads besides us.  We pass by cities and factories, but we don't look at any of it because we want to get to the station... This
    station changes for us during life.  To begin with, for most of us, it's turning 18, getting out of high school.  Then the station is that
    first promotion and then the station becomes getting the kids out of college, and then the station becomes retirement and then...
    all too late we recognize the truth - that this side of that city whose builder is God, there really isn't a station.  The joy is in the journey
    and the journey is the joy.

         Sooner or later, you realize there is no station and the truth of life is the trip.  Read a book, eat more ice cream, go barefoot more
    often, hug a child, go fishing, laugh more.  The station will come soon enough.  And as you go, find a way to make this world more

Focusing on the destination is not a good idea.  Tomorrow may come; it may not.  The only place we really have any power is in the present."


I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  So many days, I am going through the motions and the days all blur into one.  I love this part of the journey that I am on and I want to enjoy the surroundings as I pass through.  It may be dealing with sick little ones or dealing with behavioral issues, but it also is filled with so many joys and opportunities to give the most that I can with these gifts that God has given to me.  I do look forward to the day when the kids are older and able to do more on their own, but I am also cherishing this time that they need me because all too soon they will not need me and they will be moving on in their own journey. 

Here is real life for me today:  Eva is sick and the kids are still in their pj's!

Love them!

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  1. Great Reminder Amy...Enjoy your pajama day! And I hope Eva feels better soon.

    ~ Shelley