Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Huertas Family

Normally I send out cards each year, but for some reason time got away from me this year and I just decided not to do it.  The cards have been coming in the mail and I have enjoyed each one of them.  They are hanging on the back of our front door as that was a Kephart tradition.

So, this is our Christmas card to you this year and hope to get back to it next year!

It has been another incredible year for us and God has continued to provide all that we need and want!

George's business continues to do well as he is managing and selling real estate. We are always grateful for the extra business that God provides each year.  George really enjoys being able to help people achieve their goals and dreams of selling real estate and owning a home.

I have been busy this year with three kids under the age of three. God continues to stretch me in many areas through my kids and while it has been challenging, it has been so rewarding!  I am thankful that George works hard and I am able to stay home and watch my kids grow every second of the day.  I try to remember that as each day goes by it is one less day that I will put them to bed or get snuggles from them as they are in their early years and know that all too soon they will grow up and not need us as much. I continue to blog about our family, and the little things that I do around the house that I enjoy making our house a home.

Michael is doing well. He is in his senior year and working at Burger King.  He has done well being able to balance it all.  He will be turning 18 next month, then graduating in June!  So many changes for him in this next year to come.  We have not seen him as much in the last year and miss him very much.

Gabriel is our little man! He is so much fun and has a wonderful spirit.  Most people that meet him always comment on his "high pitch" voice, which at times can drive us crazy; but we know all too soon it will deepen and change.  He makes us laugh in so many ways and is our sensitive little man.  He loves cars and trucks and of course all the super heroes like his daddy.  I'm looking forward to watching him change and grow in the next year.

Selah is our shy and sensitive girl.  She has lots of energy but at the same time can be the quiet one.  She has the most beautiful hair but it can tangle so easily which she hates to have combed. She loves cars and getting into dress up clothes.  She is a hard one to figure out what really interests her.  She loves to cuddle and her favorite show is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Eva is still my baby even though she is now 2, and when I look and her she no longer has the look of a baby.  She has grown up so quickly in the last year, that it has been a bit of an adjustment.  She is very smart and sometimes you would forget that she is only two.  She loves to talk, and she always does so in a full sentence.  She is in love with horses as well as tu-tus.  There is not a day that goes by that she does not have a tu-tu on.  She loves to sing as well, and knows how to sing most of the songs that I sing to her at night.

We look forward to what God has in store for us this coming year!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and many Blessings this coming year!

Here are a few Christmas Pictures!

We took the kids to see Santa on Friday at Alpenrose Dairy.  It was so nice because we got there right when they opened and we were the only ones there. This is our scanned picture which did not turn out very well.  Eva did not want to sit on Santa's lap so it turned into a family photo.

I took my own photos and they came out better!

I love this photo of Gabriel!  He looks like a little man. :(

 Our new yearly tradition!  I buy all the kids matching PJ's so we can get a new picture each year.

Here is last years picture:

So fun to see the growth of all the kids!

 Picture of all the girls

 Picture of the two boys!

Just had to throw this one in here!  Gabriel really gets into saying cheese when taking a picture.

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