Sunday, February 24, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things right now.....

This is my early birthday present from my husband.  I absolutely love this handbag.  It's from Ellington Handbags. It's a local company here in Portland.  It's called the Eva tote.  The reason that I got it early was because I got a great coupon for 40% off from a friend (Thank you Lori).  Most of you that know me, I always try to buy something with a coupon.  I am always diligent at making the money that my husband makes stretch as much as possible.

Thank you I heart Organizing for this great idea of using foam board to put on top of these dumb wire shelfs.  I was actually going to buy some precut wood, but there is no way that I would have been able to make it work with out taking all the shelves apart.

I just bought these birch straws from Amazon.  You can also buy them from Anthropologie but they are a little more money and it is the exact same brand as the one amazon sells.  The straw holder is a used can that I took and glued jute around it.

Thank you K'lyn for the idea of these cute little mason jars.  I was able to get these online at Peak Candle company. These are great for the kids smoothies!

I love this toothbrush holder that I have in the kitchen for the kids.  I keep an extra set in the kitchen because it helps me not forget to brush their teeth in the morning.

Right now I'm loving succulents!  I bought this one from Trader Joes in October and it still looks great. 

Well, those are a few of my favorite things.  Do you have any favorites right now?

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  1. Your new bag is gorgeous! The foam board is genius.
    Love your favorite things :)