Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Master Bedroom Painted Curtains

If you have not seen my post on our Master bedroom you can see it HERE.  The one thing that I had left to do was to work on the curtains.  I have decided not to go through and paint the bedroom because we are still thinking about moving and I just don't want to have to pay for something that I know that I am just going to paint back.  So for now, we are only doing things that we know we will be able to take with us.

So since I am not painting the room, I've decided to try out painting our curtains.  I got these Rivta curtains from Ikea.

I have seen a few blogs do this, so I thought it was worth a try.  Here is what the curtains looked like before.

Brown curtain rod with brown curtain, kind of boring.

I felt like it was a little risky to try to paint the curtains but from most of the blogs that I have read they all looked great.

Here are a couple blogs that I follow that did painted curtains.

Here is the curtain rod that I had already spray painted a week ago. 

It always takes me a long time to do most projects because I have to do it when the kids are taking a nap or in bed for the night.

I laid the curtain on the kitchen for where there was a hard service and I could do the measurements and tape.  I measured 12 inches for each line. The bottom stripe is a bit thicker then the rest.   I used this laser beam to try to get a strait line.  It's not perfect but it helps.  I measured on both side of the curtain and then had the laser line up with the two marks.
(These curtains were not perfect in shape so they are not accurate all around but you can't tell)

I got my lines all measured on the first and then laid the next curtain on top and followed the tape underneath so that they would match up as best as possible.  I used Frog tape for getting clean lines.  I wondered how it was going to work on fabric but it worked just fine!

Here is the paint that I used.  I used a sponge roller that worked great and one quart of paint.  (1 quart of paint was just enough for both panels)

The color is Trail Print.  It's hard to get a good idea what this paint color looks like as I took this picture at night.

Here is one panel painted.  It did get some paint on the white stripe and tried to clean it off and it did not work.  Once I hung the curtains you could not see it with all the folds in the curtain.

Once the tape was removed I had a perfect line.

The paint dried really quickly and was able to hang them shortly after.

Here they are all hung up.

I love the way they turned out!  They are not perfect but it works and I did not have to throw them out so I am pretty happy.

There are part that you can see the light coming through but it does not bother me.  If you were going to use these as curtains with no blinds behind them I would not paint them.  They did bleed through the other side and it would look funny from the outside if you had them closed.

The curtains are a little stiff.  I know some have used a fabric medium but I have heard that has not always worked.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post.