Monday, April 1, 2013

DVD Player For The Car

We use to have headrest DVD players for our van.  We had them maybe two years and they broke.  We have a trip planned to drive to California in a couple months and wanted to figure out what we were going to do.

I looked at buying new portable DVD players again but the way that our car is set up and where the kids are located in the van makes it difficult.

We needed to have something overhead that all would be able to see.  I had looked into having one professionally installed and found out that it could run anywhere from $600-$1000.  I really did not want to spend that much money for something that I did not want on all the time.  I knew that if it were up there they would ask all the time to have something being played.

I searched the internet and You Tube and came up with this idea.  

If you have a moon roof in your car then this will work, other wise you would have to buy a headrest holder.

I just took my Ipad with the case that I had and slid into the moonroof. 

It works great and they can hear the sound as well.  I was a little worried that they would not be able to hear but it is fine.  The only thing that is a little annoying is when you hit a bump in the road it causes the whole thing to swing.  It does stay put though and does not come out.

Here is another idea if you wanted to spend a little money for the adapter that sticks to the moonroof and will hold it in place without it swinging.  I thought about doing this but thought I would just go the free route for now.

I was so excited that I just saved myself a lot of money.  Problem solved!

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