Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Do You Pack?

We just got back from a vacation and had an amazing time!  More posts to come about our vacation!

How do you pack?  Do you create a list of what to bring or just pack and hope that you have everything?  I don't know how many times that I have packed and I am always missing something.

We went to an Intentional Parenting seminar a couple of weeks ago and they were quoting someone, I can't remember who?  The quote was,  "Do we have everything that we need to make this day successful?"

I loved that quote!  It has been in my head ever since I heard it.  One thing that can ruin any outing or trip is missing something and someone being upset because of it.

Going into packing for this 10 vacation, I knew that I needed to make sure that I had everything so that the vacation could go as smooth as possible.

Here is an idea that I came up with to make sure that I had everything that I needed for the kids.

I used ziplock bags for each day.  I wrote the date and what we were doing on each day so I would know what type of outfit I should pack. Now this will only work for a little while, while the kids are still little but it really helped.

If I had a pair of shoes that went with that particular outfit then I would put that in the bag as well.

I used a large suit case and it held all three kids clothes and there was lots of room left on top.

By packing this way I was able to make sure that I had clothes and underwear for each day.

There was only a couple things that we forgot but nothing that we could not replace.  It was the first time that we got out of the house on time and there were no arguments!  I would say it was a success!!  I was also able to get the house fully clean before we left so we were able to come home to a clean house.  Does anyone else do that?

*Side note- I did not waste any of these bags and will use them again when we go away again.

** Also, I know my grammar is horrible in this post!  I will tell you that I am not the best at grammar and English.

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