Sunday, September 15, 2013

Twins Turn 5

So many changes start to happen now that the Twins are 5.  They now have their own rooms.  We split them up a few months ago knowing that it was going to be something that we would need to do.

They gladly excepted the changed as a surprise to me.  It shows how much they are growing and changing.

You can see Selahs room HERE and you can see Gabriel's room HERE.

They started preschool this last week and that was a bit of an adjustment for them, more for Selah as she is a homebody and likes to be home with me.

By the end of the day they were both happy and for the rest of the week they did well.  Thursday was their last day of the week and that was a little harder on Selah.

Every year I mark on our ruler how much they have grown over the year.

I'm so glad that I made this to track their growth and that we will be able to take it when we move.

Over the year Gabriel has had the most growth.  He grew 2 1/2 inches and is now taller then Selah.  Selah only grew about an inch this last year.

I never posted Eva's grow in her birthday post but she grew 2 1/4 inches this last year.  

For the longest time Selah has been obsessed with the body and how it works.  I think one day she is going to be a doctor.  She loves learning about it and understanding what each part does.  It's hard to believe a kid can think about these things when they are so little.

We saw this at Costco and she said that she wanted it for her birthday.

When she opened it up on her birthday she went crazy.  I wish I would have video taped the reaction on her face.  It was truly priceless.  Here is a picture that I got though.

She was practically shaking and her face turned read.  I have never seen so much excitement out of her.  I look forward to seeing what God does with the interest that she has with the body.

Gabriel is all boy and is so much like his Daddy.  He loves all the superhero's as well as a Transformers.  

He got several transformer things for his birthday and loves each one.  This boy is so social and loves talking to all that he comes in contact with.  He also loves the camera!  We are having to work with him on saying thank you when someone compliments him.  We were in the mall the other day and someone  said that all the kids were so cute and he said "I know"!  It was a teachable moment.

 He's such a little ham.

He looks so grown up in this picture.

Here are a few of Selah. She's a little more camera shy.

Here they are together!  

They will forever be best friends.  I love watch the way they are with each other.  Makes me wish that I had a twin!

Happy Birthday Gabriel and Selah!  My life was forever changed the day that you were born in the greatest way possible!!

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