Friday, December 13, 2013

Gabriel's Room Complete (Military Men Photo Gallery)

It has been quite a while since I did a post.  Life has completely changed for me since the twins started preschool and we are gone three days a week in the morning.  I can barely keep up with the daily duties and spending time with the kids let alone doing any decorating around the house.

I have been really ready to finish his room and was just waiting for all the pictures to complete the wall gallery above the beds in his room. If you have not seen the previous post you can see his room HERE.

Here is a picture that I took before I started.  This is not the best photo as my camera battery was dead so I just used my phone for the first couple pictures.  Oh and all the pictures are kind of dark due to the weather today.

I layed out all the frames on the floor to get and idea of the layout.  I then took some old wrapping paper and cut out the shape of each frame so I could get the frames exactly where I wanted them.

Once I got the paper where I wanted the frame, I needed to mark where I was going to put the nail so they were all in the right spot.  I took a little dab of toothpaste and added it to the hook and then pressed the picture against the wall so that it would mark the paper

I then added my nails.  I was just about to tear down the paper and thought that I would check my work before I took the paper off and I am so glad that I did.  I ended have to fix one of the frames so it was level with the others.

Here is how it turned out.

Again the lighting is not the greatest but it gives you and idea.

Here is the breakdown of each picture frame.

I took a shadow box and added some craft paper behind and glued some army men that Gabriel had.

This is my brother that served in the Iraq war and was a gunner on a convoy.

On the (left) is my Dad who served in the Air Force and on the (right) is my brother in-law Jason who served in the Marines.

On the (left) is George's Step-Dad Michael who our son Michael is named after.  He is from Italy and served in NATO during the Vietnam War. This is the type of uniform that they wore back then.  On the (right) is George's father who served in the Army.

The picture on the (left) is a print that I ordered off of the Costco website for $1.49.  They have all sorts of prints and they cost the same as your regular prints.

The last one and the center of all the pictures is my Grandfather.  This was an article done by the Mercury Newspaper in San Jose.  My Grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

I am so glad to have finally completed his room and I love the way that it turned out.  What a legacy Gabriel comes from.  We are so proud to come from a family of men that have served their country!

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