Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

I apologize in advance if you normally get a card from us and did not this year.  A couple weeks ago I was thinking that I did not want to do cards this year and was not organized or ready to do so.  At the last minute I decided I should make the effort to do so since I did not do it last year.  My contact list is horrible and not up to date and I am missing a lot of addresses since we changed our home PC.  So for all of you that did not get one here is our Christmas card to you.

Sorry that this is not a very good picture.  The Scanner did not scan very well so I just too a picture of it with my phone.

2013 has been a year of many changes for us.

George is still managing and selling Real Estate and loves what he does. He has had a very successful year and God has blessed his hard work.  His company was bought out by another company so he no longer works for Prudential NW Properties.  The new name is Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Northwest. George also got his Brown belt in Jujitsu and continues to train and coach as this is one of his greatest passions.

Me- Is has been a busy year and lots of changes for me.  I went from being home all the time to running around and out of the house a lot this year.  It has been a hard adjustment for me this year but it has been good because God has taught me a lot through it all.   One thing that I enjoy doing as my hobby is decorating and have made many changes to our house.  If you read or follow my blog you have seen some of the changes that I have made.  

Michael graduated from High School this year and is about to turn 19!  He is currently working and trying to enlist in the military.

Gabriel and Selah turned 5 in September and they have had lots of changes this year.  We split the twins up and Gabriel and Selah now have their own rooms.   You can see Gabriel's room HERE if you have not seen it.  Gabriel has gotten so tall and has a love for Transformers and building things.  He is the life of the party and is our social butterfly.  He started Pre Kindergarden class and has really enjoyed it!  The most special thing that has happened this year is that he asked Jesus to come and live in his heart!!  That in and of it self has made this the best year to date!

The night they accepted Christ.

Selah has turned 5 and is enjoying sharing her room with Eva.  It has been fun to watch her relationship  grow with Eva as they are together more.  She really acts like an older sister and loves on her.  Selah is getting tall as well and her interest in the body continues to deepen. This girl know so much about the body and I am learning right a long with her.  Selah has started Pre kindergarden as well but she has not enjoyed it as much as Gabriel. They are just different in that way.  Selah and Gabriel both excepted Christ on the same day and it was a special event.  It was October 28th, 2013.

Eva is now 3 years old and my baby is not a baby anymore!  I guess she really has not been for awhile but it's more real when you can not longer pick her up like a baby because she is to heavy too.  She still has a great love for horses and is very independent.  We call her our Boriqua (Puerta Rican).  She is very much like George! I have enjoyed more one on one time with her while the twins are in Pre-school. She is such a delight and is so funny!

So this is what we have been up to this last year and we look forward to all that lies ahead in 2014.  I know both George and I have great goals for this next year so we will see what happens! George and I went to a parenting seminar called Intentional.  It talked a lot about being intentional in your parenting with your kids.  We have felt that spill over into every aspect of our lives and really trying to be Intentional daily.

We pray that you and your family are well and that you have an incredible 2014.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

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