Friday, February 7, 2014

Piano Lessons

George and I wished that we had taken piano lessons when we were kids; so that is something that we want our kids to be able to learn.

George's Mom sent some money for  the kids for Christmas so instead of buying more toys that will eventually get thrown aways we decided to buy a keyboard.

We bought the keyboard off Costco website and it came with the stand and some head phones.  I know nothing about keyboards but I am sure that it will serve its purpose.  The stand was a bit wobbly so we needed to get a more solid surface and that we could put a chair up to.

I bought this table at Target and we just used an extra chair from our kitchen table.

I bought this light from Ikea.

I love the industrial white and gold look

I can't wait to hear the kids play once they start taking lessons!

 Here is a little video of Selah playing.  She really likes getting on there and listening to the different registers of the keyboard.

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