Monday, June 9, 2014

Huertas Update (Old House / New House)

It has been so long since I posted last as our lives haven been so crazy the last few months.  I am going to update in a couple post only because so much has happened and I have a lot of pics to post and don't want to overwhelm you with a long post.

For the last couple years "I" have been wanting to move from our house.  George on the other hand was just fine where we were at.  We loved our house and had served us well.  The kids were getting older and our house felt like it was getting smaller.  The backyard was not the most kid friendly backyard either.

When your husband is in real estate it is hard not to look and see what is out there.  So we began searching for a house a couple years ago.  To keep things short, we put several offers in on different properties and now two years later we are in the home that was meant for us.

Of all the houses that we wrote offers on and the house that we ended up with is by far the best house for us.  God timing is never early and never late, but always on time!  I am so glad we waited for Gods best!

So here is the house that we said goodbye too!

I walked through the house before we locked everything up and this is what it looked like.

Sorry for the dark photos.  They were taken with my phone and it was a rainy morning.  The house just does not look the same.  

The people that purchase our house bought our bedroom furniture which was nice so we did not have to move it.  The house that we moved into is bigger but the rooms are smaller so it was just going to be too much furniture.   I was pretty excited to change things up in our master bedroom anyways.

It took a few weeks to get an offer but we got full asking price so that was good.  The house that we purchased had just came on the market and we were the first ones to view it.  We had another competing offer, but were able to beat it out!

So.... Here is our new place!! It's a 6 bedroom & 3 bath house.

This house, I believe was owned by the original owner.  From what I have heard it was an elderly couple that did a reverse mortgage and the money eventually ran out and they had to foreclose.  An investor came in and remodeled it and did an incredible job.  The first level was the only level that the couple lived on.  The whole lower half was completely bare with just studs.

The outside definitely needs to be worked on.  We plan to landscape sometime next year. At some point we plan to redo the vinyl siding and paint it a different color.  The split entry is definitely not our favorite but works well with kids!

Here is a picture of our side yard.  We just had a fence installed so I will do a post on that so you can see the whole finished product.

This is our RV parking.  I'm not sure that we will ever have an RV but if we do we will park it here or just have a basketball hoop for the kids.

The whole side of the yard was exposed.  The contractor was going to put one in, but the neighbor gave him some problems so he never did! :(  Ended up costing us more money.

Once again all exposed on the sides.  We were pretty excited to get it gated in so that the kids could play in the big backyard.

Here is the other side of the yard. That huge tree is a pin oak.  Supposedly the worst kind of oak tree to have.  We just had a guy out today to trim the lower bottom of it as well as cut some of the dead branches out.

So, this is the outside of our new house.  More post will follow of the inside as time allows.  It has been really hard to keep up with everything and get settled.

We feel extremely grateful for our new home! Its a reminder that God always has the best for us and we just need to be patient enough to wait for it!

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