Friday, October 23, 2009

Childhood Memories

It’s amazing the things that can bring back a childhood memory. It might be a song. It might be a smell, or a picture!
I was on facebook a couple days ago and was looking at picture of a tea party that Julie a friend on facebook had posted. I thought to myself….that looks like a great place to go for a tea party! I noticed that Tiffany another friend of mine had posted a comment on the photo, saying that she knew the woman that hosted the tea party. I then had seen a conversation that Tiffany and the lady that hosted the tea party were having. I checked Linda Moxley the lady that had hosted the tea parties facebook page to look at her pictures because I was curious where this Tea Party house was at. I looked at Linda’s profile picture and thought to myself…..she looks really familiar??? I also had noticed that we had few friends in common from our old church.

While looking through all of her pictures I came across a picture of a play house that she had in her house. That play house looked so familiar to me. I then emailed an old friend of mine and asked her if she remembered the name of the girl’s house that we went over to who had a play house in their house? I got an email back from my friend and she said that the girls name is Victoria Moxley!!
I found Victoria on facebook and she did not really remember me but she did confirm that it was the house that I was at all those years ago. I must have been 7 or 8 years old. She then spoke to her mom about all that we spoke about and her mom then asked about my mom. Apparently my mom was friends with her way back when! She has asked for my mom’s phone number and I let my mom know that she might be hearing from her and she was so excited.
It is truly amazing what our minds can remember all these years later! I can help but think that God had a reason for all of this happening!!

It was nice to be able to remember such a fond memory!
(Thank you Julie for letting me use your pictures!)

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  1. I still remember the wall paper in your house, and the NKOTB posters, and the yellow/brown flowered couches, and the year we ALL accidentally kept spilling our pumpkin pie. :) Fun Memories.