Friday, April 2, 2010

18 Months

Well the twins are now 18 months and can hardly believe it. They are changing so much day by day. I just had their check up and all is well. The doctor did say that their communication is a little behind for their age so we have decided to see a speech therapist. We have an appointment scheduled next week and I look forward to see what they have to say.

Gabriel's favorite words right now to say are... Star,Clock,Car,Cracker and Dada. He has just started to call me Mama for the first time, even though I know that he has known how to say it for awhile now. That word is like music to my ears! He is so inquisitive and always wanting to learn new words and what things are. He is my sweet little boy that has quite the personality but also has quite the temper!

Selah's favorite words right now are Dada,Uh-oh, Star and Hi. She has defiantly picked up more word in the last week which has been fun. Selah is such a ball of energy and is always going. She has the sweetest smile and is always happy to see people. I love my little girl!

Gabriel and Selah are starting to interact in good ways and bad. They defiantly fight more, but there are times where they run and play and laugh at each other which is so fun to hear. They have also recently started to kiss each other. Selah loves to get kisses from her brother. Gabriel is not as excited as she is.

We had our family photo session this week and were able to get older brother Michael in the picture. Getting pictures with them is always difficult and why I think I don't take very many.

Every day is a new adventure, some days better then others but none the less I love it all! I feel absolutely blessed beyond measure!

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