Friday, April 2, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am now 4 months Pregnant and I will have my ultrasound two weeks from today to find out what we are having. I am very excited. So far the pregnancy has been a good one with no sickness again!! This pregnancy has been different from the first just because I have two little ones and tend to get more worn out with them. They keep me pretty busy.

When I have my ultrasound in two weeks I hope to find no problems with my cervix. The doctor said that from this point forward I will have regular ultrasounds until the baby is born to make sure that I do not go into preterm labor. I am really praying that I will not have to go on bedrest this pregnancy and that I will be able to fully enjoy the time that I have left with it being just us and the twins. I know that once this baby comes it will all change but in a good way. I do want to savor this time though!!

Once I find out what we are having, nesting will going into full effect to be ready for the new arrival!! I will be changing rooms around and will show you what their new rooms will look like when I am done!!

I will post new photo of my belly as soon as I get a picture taken!

Stay tuned for further pregnancy updates!!

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