Friday, April 2, 2010


I have always dreamed very vivid dreams, but it seems like when your pregnant it goes to a whole new level. It is now 4 O'clock in the morning and I could not go back to sleep after this dream that I had.

I dreamnt that a friend was throwing a baby shower for me and only a few people showed up and they were people that I did not really know. At one point in the shower a friend came up and said how come there are not very many people here? My answer was, "I guess I don't have that many friends!! I then woke up with this dream feeling horrible and wondering if it was true?

Yes, I know that I have friends but wonder if it is just me that I don't have a lot of close friends or if it is just the stage in life that I am in? Are there other moms out there with little ones that find it hard to focus on friendships and that you have lost some friendships for the fact that you could not or did not keep in touch?

It's interesting that God has put a few key friends in my life, yet they all live out of state and I never see them? I often ask God why this is the case. I am not sure I have really gotten an answer on that?

Curious if other women feel the same??

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  1. Between moving from Canda back to the USA and buying a house I found time to finally visit your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. That's interesting you have a 15 years old boy plus twins. We have a 15 yo girl plus twins. I feel the same way you do sometimes. I have a few key people in my life that will be my friends for ever but others just come and go depending on what I have going on, bible study, playgroups, preschool. I keep my close friends really close and try to go out once a month, have dinner, coffee, talk on the phone instead of emailing or texting. Get our mails done together. Can't wait to read mre.