Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Am Thankful For Day 23-29

I guess I really should have thought it through about blogging everyday!  It has been really hard to keep up.  Last week was a busy with with Michael here and the kids were extra moody! So…I am now catching up.

Day 23 ~ I was thankful for the little snow fall that we had.



Day 24 ~ George was able to have the day off! George originally took the day off to spend the week with Michael.  He then found out that he would be doing Jury Duty for 5 weeks and that he would have to work that Wednesday that Michael was here.  George asked the Judge if he could get that time off to spend the time with Michael and the Judge let him.  They are usually pretty stringent about letting people off.  Praise the Lord!

Day 25~ Thankful for time with family on Thanksgiving!  We ended up doing a Thanksgiving breakfast with my family and then a small dinner at home with the kids.  It was a nice day.










Day 26~ I was thankful for a warm house!  It has been pretty cold outside and I keep thinking about all the people that can not afford heat or are homeless and am reminded of how thankful I am that we can afford to heat our home!

Day 27 ~I was thankful for a day at home with the kids and my husband!

Day 28 ~ I was thankful for a DVD that we had that we were able to watch. We had stayed home from church because George was not feeling well!

Day 29 ~ Today I am thankful that even though I and the kids are not feeling well we have made it through the day and it not being too stressful!

So, there you have it.  All caught up and only one more day to go on What I Am Thankful for!

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