Monday, July 11, 2011

12 Months of Eva ~ 10 Months

It’s seems like last month was really busy because I did not get very many pictures this time.  We even took a trip to Eagle Crest this last week and I did not get one picture!  It’s so hard juggling three kids and then trying to remember the camera and trying get the kids in camera mode!

It has been an amazing month with Eva though.  She is not walking on her own but can walk with her toy walker.  Her teeth are coming in like crazy and so that has made her a little crabby.  She loves doing whatever older brother and sister are doing.

I must say that it is more difficult the second time around as far as what you let your kids do.  I would never let the twins have any sugary foods before they were one and with Eva we seem to let her try more things.  Her favorite thing right now is Jamba Juice!  We only give her a little, but she always screams for more!

Here hair is getting longer but still not sure if she is going to have curly hair like Gabriel and Selah.  It’s finally long enough to put back in a clip or a tiny pony tail.

I’m cherishing each and every moment until she turns one!  No, it is not the end of the world when she turns one, but definitely a change and time that I will never get back.










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