Thursday, January 19, 2012

Growth Ruler

When the twins were around the age of one, I bought them both these growth charts.  Looking back now I spent way too much money for something that I probably would not have hung as they got older.




I loved them and thought that it was fun that they both have their own chart with their hand print.  I hung them up in their room and should have known better that they would just play with them and end up on the floor half the time.  I finally got frustrated and put them in their closet.

I follow this blog called Dear Lillie and came across this cute idea for a growth ruler.  I decided that I needed something that was a bit more attached to the wall and something that I could have anywhere in my house so that the kids are not temped to play with it.  I know a lot of people use a door jam or a wall somewhere in the house. I love the fact of being able to take it with us when we decide to move.


DSC 0031




DSC 0005

Eva 15 Months

DSC 0006

Gabriel and Selah 3 Years

DSC 0008

Michael 17 Years

DSC 0020

I pretty much copied the tutorial from Dear Lillie and made one for myself.  I love the way it came out and plan on going back and looking up the kids doctors appointments and adding their heights when they were younger!

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