Monday, December 3, 2012

Kids Desk Area & Thanksgiving

It has been awhile since I blogged last.  We recently joined a gym and I have been trying to get there at least three times a week.  With trying to do that and keep up with thing around the house and the kids there has not been much time to blog. So here is a couple post in one.

I have been making a few changes around the house and one area was the living room.  I also wanted to add a desk area for the kids.  I thought about putting one downstairs but we have the dining room table down there so I thought it would be best to have one upstairs.  Here are some pictures of the addition.

We got the desk from Ikea as well as the chairs.  I'm not totally excited about the chair because they are not sturdy and the kids have fallen down a couple time but they will work for now.

 The kids love it and they can work on their little projects.  

 We have this half wall in our play room that I do not like at all!  I have always been fearful that the kids will fall, so the only type of furniture to sit on is this mattress.  It seems to work for the most part.

 Here is the view from the half wall.  If we had had children at the time that we bought this house, I think we probably would not have bought this house.

 Here is the long view of the playroom.

Selah so proud of her work!

And now for a few pictures from Thanksgiving day.  We spent the day over at my parents as well as my Aunt and her boyfriend who were up for the first time.  It was fun to be able to catch up with her.

 Here is our family picture. Hopefully in the next couples years everyone will be facing the camera.

 My brother and his lovely wife!

 My brother and his family

 Brothers family with Papa and Gma

 A better family shot with my dark babies! I don't thing my kids are ever going to look like me! :(

My Aunt Diane and her boyfriend Steven.

The Holidays are definitely getting easier with the kids so they are a little more enjoyable!!

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  1. I love your play room! My girls would love your project table. What is the name of the project Selah was doing?