Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Track Homes / Privacy

We love our new home, but there is a downside to track homes.  The proximity of each home is closer then we would like.  The next home that we move to, we would like to be older with more character and a little more space between the houses.

With that said, this is what our deck looks like during the summer right after we painted it.


Then I changed the table out so that the table could have the umbrella go down the center as well as adding a deck plant to add some color.


As you can see from this picture you can see the red house to the left.  Our back doors look right into each other.  We are so grateful to have wonderful neighbors, but want to feel like there is a little privacy between the two houses.

We with the fall and winter weather coming, I decided to take the table and umbrella down and put them in the garage for storage so the stay nice for next year.

I found this picture on Pinterest and it gave me an idea for our deck.

southern living living green-gate-l

We were given a metal trough similar to this one and then I remember this picture.  I thought we should try it to see what it would look like and if it work.

Here is what the deck looked like in process.


Here is what it looks like now.


Originally we were going to have it on an angle, but it was not giving us the privacy that I hoped for.  After it was filled with dirt and the Arborvitae it was really difficult to move.  Learned my lesson on that one.  Should have listened to the hubby and figured out where we wanted it first!




Here is the view from inside our house. Eventually the Arborvitae will grow and we will have a little more coverage.

Another project done thanks to Pinterest!


  1. I have a similar one in my Pinterest, but it has casters on the bottom so you can easily move your "privacy fence" around. I wonder if you could add them now even though it is already planted? Xoxo ~ Tiffany B

  2. How did you attach the lattice to the railing? I'm in the process of doing something similar but want to make sure it's secure,

  3. Hi Roxy, we used and L Bracket into the lattice and the railing. Where the corners meet we used a corner bracket there as well to keep them together. We have never had an issue with them falling over and they are pretty secure. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for stopping by!